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로스앤젤레스, 캘리포니아, 미국의 모든 숙박 시설
객실 1개, 성인 2명

로드웨이 인

CA 로스앤젤레스 777 N. Vine St

멜로즈 애비뉴에 가기 편리한 곳에 위치
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로드웨이 인

추가 정보: 02-3483-5360

  • 스탠다드 더블룸, 더블침대 2개, 금연
  • 스탠다드룸, 킹사이즈침대 1개, 금연
  • 스탠다드룸, 퀸사이즈침대 2개, 금연

로드웨이 인 주변 명소


  • 할리우드에 위치
  • 멜로즈 애비뉴(걸어서 2분 거리)
  • 팬티지스 극장(걸어서 27분 거리)
  • 캐피톨 레코드 타워(걸어서 30분 거리)
  • 할리우드 스타 명예의 전당(걸어서 30분 거리)
  • 할리우드 & 하이랜드 센터(걸어서 36분 거리)
  • 돌비 극장(걸어서 37분 거리)
  • TCL 차이니즈 극장(걸어서 38분 거리)

교통편 정보

  • 로스앤젤레스, 캘리포니아 (LAX-로스앤젤레스 국제공항)까지 차로 39분(27.7km)
  • 버뱅크, 캘리포니아 (BUR-밥 호프 공항)까지 차로 28분(14.1km)
  • 산타모니카, 캘리포니아 (SMO-산타모니카 공항)까지 차로 26분(19.5km)
  • 호손, 캘리포니아 (HHR-호손 공항)까지 차로 33분(28.2km)
  • 반누이스, 캘리포니아 (VNY)까지 차로 28분(28.7km)
  • 롱비치, 캘리포니아 (LGB-롱비치 공항)까지 차로 48분(49.1km)
  • Los Angeles Union 역까지 차로 21분(10.4km)
  • Glendale 역까지 차로 22분(9.9km)
  • Glendale 교통센터까지 차로 22분(10km)
  • Hollywood - Vine 역까지 걸어서 27분(2.3km)

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핵심 정보


  • 객실 42개
  • 2층 건물

체크인/체크아웃 정보

  • 체크인 시작 시간: 15:00
  • 체크아웃 시간: 11:00

체크인 시 준비할 사항

  • 신용카드 보증금 필요

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  • 유아용 침대 없음


  • 반려동물 동반 불가(장애인 안내 동물은 동반 가능)


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  • 금연 숙박 시설
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  • 24시간 운영 프런트 데스크
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  • 영어

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  • 에어컨
  • 커피/티 메이커
  • 다리미/다리미판(요청 시)
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  • 무료 WiFi
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  • 매일 하우스키핑

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  • 로드웨이 인 모텔
  • 로드웨이 인 로스앤젤레스
  • 로드웨이 인 모텔 로스앤젤레스
  • Rodeway Inn & Suites Pacific Coast Highway Hotel Los Angeles
  • Rodeway Inn And Suites Pacific Coast Highway
  • Rodeway Inn Motel
  • Rodeway Inn Los Angeles
  • Rodeway Inn Motel Los Angeles


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필수 요금

보증금: USD 100.00(1박 기준)

선택 사항

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셀프 주차 요금은 1박 기준 USD 15입니다.

1박 기준, USD 10.00의 요금으로 간이 침대 이용 가능

이 숙박 시설이 제공한 모든 요금이 포함되어 있습니다. 하지만 숙박 기간이나 예약하시는 유닛 등에 따라 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

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매우 좋음 8.0 총 198개 이용 후기

매우 좋음 8.0
May stay here again, weighing the pros and cons.
This is an older Motel that has been renovated, very nicely. After being guided by a phone call about how to get in and park, we unloaded suitcases. Walking towards the office is a narrow passage with a couple of very old coke machines, with slimy water under one of them and rusty legs. First introduction to this motel. It was a real turn off going in, but once inside, the renovations, became apparent, including a pleasant newly cemented, interior patio (looks like a pool used to be there.) with new chairs for visiting or relaxing are placed. The clean room was completely renovated and the beds were comfortable. The surrounding area was a little iffy, but because it was the closest motel to the Dr. Phil Show, we stayed there. The hostess was welcoming
Marjorie, us1박 여행
매우 좋음 8.0
Good, good!
Good service, good accommodations. Clean, quiet.
Sean, us1박 여행
매우 좋음 8.0
Loved it!
I think this hotel is under renovation. Don't let the outside fool you. The rooms are gorgeous , funky and cool Very well done. Our stay was very comfortable and we would definitely return.
shannon, us2박 여행
매우 좋음 8.0
The star is the room itself (and free parking)
The name of the chain and the motel style did not put this at the top of my list when I was looking, but the location was near family we were visiting. The local area is a little rundown, but the motel has had a major renovation. Our room looked completely new within the last year or so. The bed was very comfortable and I loved the bathroom with the walk-in shower. All very clean. The interior courtyard clearly at one time had a garden or something in it, but it has been concreted over. Up lights we're part of the concrete installation, so perhaps there are future plans to make this a usable space for gas again. At this point, however, the only outdoor place to be is a few tables and chairs on the second level. We saw these being used frequently by guests. The lobby is completely spare, and the continental breakfast seemed to be enjoyed by some, but we did not find anything worth having there. We had reserved through hotels.com, but when my husband checked in before I arrived they insisted on charging the room to a different credit card in his name. This has never happened to us before. They also made a photocopy of our IDs, which smacks of a place frequented by people with bad credit or by people who damaged rooms. Both of those are practices they should discontinue, especially when a third party is guaranteeing the funds. Parking stalls were very tight and behind a security gate.
Lisa, us로맨틱 여행
좋음 6.0
Logistically Sound
Logistically it's a great location for Hollywood. There's a Pavillions on the corner with a starbucks and a bunch of restaurants nearby and it's a reasonable walk to Hollywood Blvd. The interior of the room was nicer than I expected and updated. There are zero amenities, not even a bench outside. We had an issue with our toilet not flushing that they couldn't really resolve, they tried. They offered to us to another room but we only had 1 night left by that time. I can appreciate the attempt on breakfast but they might as well not even bother unless they're prepared to do more than what they're doing. It's really not a viable option unless you want a bland snack and coffee before your real breakfast.
David, us친구와 여행

로드웨이 인

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