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홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)

329 Sam Hill Dr마샬MI49068미국
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아주 좋음4.1 / 5
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홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)

  • One King Bed With Kids Suite Nonsmoking
  • 룸, 금연
  • 스탠다드룸
  • 퀸사이즈침대 1개 금연 장애인 지원
  • 룸, 금연
  • 룸, 킹사이즈침대 1개, 금연 (whirlpool)
  • 더블침대 2개
  • 룸, 금연
  • 룸, 금연

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  • 체크아웃 시간: 정오

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아주 좋음 4.1 /5 from 69 reviews

홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)
보통2.0 / 5
Terrible breakfast
Out of pretty much everything for breakfast from 8am to 930pm before they got eggs and other stuff back out and it wasnt that busy....
1박 출장 여행
홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)
보통2.0 / 5
party blocking entry
the hotel was ok, but upon arrival there were men in a pickup truck and a circle of lawn chairs sitting under the entrance awning (in the driveway intended for front door drop off) drinking cases (yes cases) of beer... management would not tell them to move because they were "guests"..at least 8 grown men drinking that my 16 year old daughter had to walk thru to enter ...and noone could drive a car to door. spoke to manager and she refused to tell them to move to rooms, appropriate area, etc. so gross. management showed zero respect for any guests except this group of drinkers. gross, odd, inappropriate, and possibly dangerous and illegal, too
1박 여행
홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)
최고 좋음5.0 / 5
Hotels.com did not pay for my stay in full and I was told I owed a balance when checking in. This held my check in up by nearly an hour. The hotel was diligent in ensuring I was taken care of, however I would like compensation from Hotels.com as they did not fulfill my request/needs as they have in the past. It was quite disappointing.
1박 로맨틱 여행
홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)
아주 좋음4.0 / 5
Very clean and very comfortable otel with (unfortunately!) terrible night shift front desk person. Everything about this otel was great except the front desk person who has no idea how to welcome and speak to hotel's guests!!
1박 가족 여행
홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)
별로1.0 / 5
Don't stay here
I would have liked to give this hotel a better rating, it was typical, just off the expressway and close enough to the casino to make it work. Our check in was nice, the room was clean and well-appointed. My only complaint regarding the room was a large, ugly cigarette burn on the bathroom counter. The rooms appear to have been re-done recently and I expect you charged whoever did this a large sum for the damage. However, once you collect the damages, you must fix the damage. The other "bad experience" was breakfast. I know the breakfast is advertised as "free", however it is figured into the price of the room so you are really paying about $10 - $12 for this. Breakfast was to be served from 8 am to 10 am. We arrived in the breakfast room about 9:10 am to find all the eggs gone, all the sausage gravy gone, the little egg cooker was broken. The biscuits were gone. The milk was gone, se even cereal wasn't an option. When we asked about refills, we were told "You should have gotten here earlier"! We are reasonable people who travel often, we would have been happy to wait a bit for more food, but this response was unacceptable. Insulting us certainly won't get us back!
1박 로맨틱 여행

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홀리데이 인 익스프레스 마셜 (Holiday Inn Express Marshall)

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