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토키와-안 마치야 레지던스 인, 교토

Kyoto-fu 교토 agiya-cho dori, Shimogyo-ku 332-6 Kagiyacho-dori Karasuma nishi-iru

고급형 별장, 히가시 혼간지에서 가까우며 주방 이용 가능
  • 로비에서 무료 WiFi
매우 좋음8.2
  • Great experience of staying in traditional Japanese house with kitchen included2016년01월12일
  • Nice accommodation, good location, traditional living experience2017년11월19일
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토키와-안 마치야 레지던스 인, 교토

  • 타운홈, 금연

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  • 투어/티켓 안내
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  • 짐 보관 서비스
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  • 정원
  • 공용 구역의 TV

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  • 스토브
  • 조리 도구, 접시, 주방 기구
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  • 객실 금고

토키와-안 마치야 레지던스 인, 교토의 세부 항목

이곳은 아래의 이름으로도 불립니다.

  • Machiya Residence Inn Tokiwa-an
  • Tokiwa-an Machiya Residence
  • Tokiwa-an Machiya Residence Inn
  • Tokiwa-an Machiya Residence Inn Kyoto
  • Tokiwa-an Machiya Residence Kyoto


일본후생노동성은 외국인이 여관, 호텔, 모텔 등을 포함하는 모든 종류의 숙박 시설에 접수할 때 여권번호와 국적을 제시하도록 의무화하고 있습니다. 또한, 숙박 시설의 소유주는 자신의 시설에 접수하는 모든 외국인의 여권을 복사하고 해당 복사본을 정리하여 보관해야 합니다.

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토키와-안 마치야 레지던스 인, 교토 주변 명소


  • 교토 중심부에 위치
  • 니조 성(걸어서 31분 거리)
  • 기요미즈데라(걸어서 32분 거리)
  • 교토고쇼(걸어서 41분 거리)
  • 히가시 혼간지(걸어서 6분 거리)
  • 교토 타워(걸어서 11분 거리)
  • 산주산겐도(걸어서 21분 거리)
  • 기온 코너(걸어서 25분 거리)

교통편 정보

  • 오사카 (ITM-이타미)까지 차로 43분(44.3km)
  • 오사카 (KIX-간사이 국제공항)까지 차로 82분(96.7km)
  • 교토 기요미즈고조 역까지 걸어서 13분(1km)
  • 교토 가라스마 역까지 걸어서 13분(1.1km)
  • 교토 역까지 걸어서 15분(1.2km)
  • 고조 역까지 걸어서 3분(0.2km)
  • 시조 역까지 걸어서 11분(0.9km)
  • 가라스마오이케 역까지 걸어서 22분(1.8km)
  • 시설 내 주차 제공 안 됨

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매우 좋음 8.2 총 13개 이용 후기

토키와-안 마치야 레지던스 인, 교토
최고 좋음10.0
Authentic stay with modern comfort
We really enjoyed our stay at the Machiya residence inn, The team of staff are very helpful and quick to respond to your questions. They helped us with restaurant booking and tea ceremony recommendation. Staff also helped us checked train schedule for the famous Sangano train line. The inn is not easy to find and it is great that they prepared excellent direction and instruction to get to the place. We also dropped off our luggage at the Dozen Ryokan prior to the check in time and the staff there was also very helpful with giving us directions. A lady also came in to check in and walk us through how to use the room. It was good as the WFI wasn’t working as the password has changed but she quickly fixed it for us. There is also cleaning service every day which is nice as typically you don’t get cleaning for this type of vacation home. The house is very well equipped with cooking utensils and dishes. It is great for folks to bring take out and eat comfortably in exchange for the crowded restaurant scene. with enough space for 4 people. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for any questions related to your trip as they genuinely want the guest to have a good time in Japan. Special thanks to all who helped out to make it a fabulous trip for us in particular to Hanna, Yuko, Maria, Taka and Alisa
Angela, us로맨틱 여행
토키와-안 마치야 레지던스 인, 교토
First impression of the residence was great. It was very clean and spacious. To our surprise moments later the neighbour was at our front door yelling at me in Japanese, all I understood was Shhhhhh. Later when we called the office they told us we needed to be quiet on the stairway to avoid disrupting the neighbour. Gosh I wish we knew that earlier. We had to tip toe on the staircase out of fear of being yelled at again. We instructed our child not to use the staircase until bed time. The residence was very poorly noise insulated, we could hear someone coughing next door through out the night, conversations next door and pounding could also be heard. The washer/dryer combo machine was not effective. When the wash cycle was completed the clothes were soaking wet. After the drying cycle our clothes for more than 3 hours they remained quite wet. On the positive, it had a well equipped kitchen, two toilets and a spacious bathroom. The beds were comfortable and wifi was good. Just remember to use the stairs with caution as you tip toe up and down, also ear plugs will help dampen sounds through out the night.
여행객, au2박 가족 여행

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토키와-안 마치야 레지던스 인, 교토

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