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호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던

잉글랜드 런던 160 Cromwell Road02-3483-5360

자연사 박물관 근처에 위치한 럭셔리 호텔, 2 개의 바/라운지 보유
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호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던

호텔 정보 문의: 02-3483-5360

  • 스탠다드 더블룸
  • 이그제큐티브 더블룸
  • 스탠다드 트윈룸, 싱글침대 2개
  • 더블룸
  • 클래식 싱글룸
  • 스위트
  • 디럭스 더블룸
  • 룸, 더블침대 1개
  • 룸, 싱글침대 1개
  • 클래식룸
  • 룸, 테라스
  • 이그제큐티브룸
  • 이그제큐티브룸, 발코니, 시내 전망
  • 디럭스룸

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호텔 규모

  • 99개 객실 보유
  • 5층 규모

체크인/체크아웃 정보

  • 체크인 시간: 15:00 ~ 03:30
  • 체크아웃 시간: 11:00

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식사와 음료
  • 매일 영국식 아침 식사(요금 별도)
  • 2 개의 바/라운지
  • 레스토랑
  • 24시간 룸서비스
비즈니스 지원
  • 회의실 수 - 2
  • 24시간 운영 프런트 데스크
  • 콘시어지 서비스
  • 투어/티켓 안내
  • 드라이클리닝/세탁 서비스
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  • 짐 보관 서비스
  • 다국어 구사 가능 직원
  • 포터/벨보이
  • 빌딩/타워 수 - 1
  • 엘리베이터
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이 호텔의 특별한 점


Evoluzione - 이탈리아 요리 전문의 레스토랑입니다.

Lounge - 시설 내 바입니다.

Living Wall - 시설 내 바입니다.

호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던의 세부 항목

이곳은 아래의 이름으로도 불립니다.

  • Hotel Xenia
  • Hotel Xenia Autograph Collection
  • Xenia Autograph Collection London
  • Xenia Autograph Collection
  • Hotel Xenia London
  • Hotel Xenia Autograph Collection London
  • London Hotel Xenia
  • London Xenia Hotel
  • Xenia Hotel
  • Xenia Hotel London
  • Xenia London
  • Xenia London Hotel
  • Hotel Xenia London, England


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선택 사항

셀프 주차 요금은 1박 기준, GBP 15

아침 식사 요금은 1인당 약 GBP 12 ~ GBP 25

이 호텔이 제공한 모든 요금이 포함되어 있습니다. 하지만 숙박 기간이나 예약하신 객실 등에 따라 부과 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던 주변 명소


  • 켄싱턴에 위치
  • 자연사 박물관(걸어서 12분 거리)
  • 켄싱턴 궁(걸어서 18분 거리)
  • 런던 임페리얼 칼리지(걸어서 19분 거리)
  • 켄싱턴 가든(걸어서 24분 거리)
  • 해러즈(걸어서 26분 거리)
  • 스탬퍼드 브리지 스타디움(걸어서 29분 거리)
  • 하이드 파크(걸어서 30분 거리)

교통편 정보

  • 런던 (LHR-히스로)까지 차로 20분(22km)
  • 런던 (LCY-런던 시티 공항)까지 차로 34분(19.1km)
  • 런던 (LGW-개트윅 공항)까지 차로 57분(60.7km)
  • London Kensington Olympia 역까지 걸어서 22분(1.7km)
  • London Victoria Rail 역까지 차로 9분(4.4km)
  • London Paddington 역까지 차로 11분(4.1km)
  • Earls Court 역까지 걸어서 5분(0.4km)
  • Gloucester Road 역까지 걸어서 7분(0.5km)
  • 셀프 주차(요금 별도)

최근 이용 후기

훌륭함 8.8 총 394개 이용 후기

호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던
What is this, a hotel for ants?
Let me preface this by saying the service was great/the staff was accommodating and professional apart from the concierge and bellhops that were eager to help for tips. But this was the smallest hotel room I've ever had in 40 years of life, even for European or Japanese standards. Yes - my hotel room in Japan was bigger and more reasonably priced than this. I was disappointed in the high rate for such a small and cramped room which lacked any charm. We had more storage on the airplane (in economy!) for our luggage and belongings. The bed was comfortable, but there was a wool blanket on it. I am allergic, and I've never seen a wool blanket on a boutique hotel room bed. (Is this the military?) We were on the top floor and the view was cute (see photos) but not romantic or impressive enough to charge £250+ for a very, very small double room. I had high hopes for a Marriott group "Autograph Collection" hotel, in which even the smallest room should be better than a Best Western or Holiday Inn - and the service was better - but the room size, comfort, and amenities were disappointing. Plainly said, it was overpriced. The restaurant was too. If you book here, just know when they say 2 max, they mean 2 person max. So if you want more comfort, book a bigger room or stay elsewhere. I wouldn't book here again unless the other 4-star hotels in the area (meaning, in London) were all sold out.
Celeste, us1박 여행
호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던
최고 좋음10.0
Great place.
Great location very easy for the tube. Staff were great start to finish always on hand and ready to offer a service. Hotel is generally very clean and do not have one complaint about my stay. If your stuck for choice or can’t decide then this is the hotel for you !
Style, gb1박 여행
호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던
Room too small for 2 people
Given the very good reviews, I was expecting a much better experience than it turned out to be. The biggest problem -- in fact, really the only problem -- was the size of the room. It was simply not manageable for 2 people. Mind you, I lived in NYC for 5 years in a tiny apartment and go there several times for business per year. In other words, I know what small (hotel) rooms are like. However, even when comparing to NYC standards, this hotel was TINY and it simply was not comfortable for 2 people. There was too little space to put away clothes, etc. for 2 people, no drawers in the closet (just hangers), and no space to put the luggage without it being in the way and constantly bumping into it (mind you, we only had 1 luggage for the 2 of us). This hotel room might perhaps be o.k. for 1 person only who's staying for a short period, with hand luggage only. Also, offering instant coffee for a hotel at this level is kind of embarrassing. On the upside: all the staff was extremely nice and professional and the lobby looks sleek and modern -- but none of this offsets the lack of space and the room being too small for 2 people.
Florian, us3박 로맨틱 여행
호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던
최고 좋음10.0
Very pleased!
Wonderful hotel! The staff is amazing, beds comfy and room service delish!
Jennifer, us2박 가족 여행
호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던
Room was very small and cramped for the cost.
Claire, ie친구와 2박 여행

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호텔 제니아, 오토그래프 컬렉션, 런던

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