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더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)

1037 Craigdarroch Rd빅토리아BCV8S 2A6캐나다
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아주 좋음4.3 / 5
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더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)

  • 클래식룸 (King)
  • 디럭스 스위트, 싱글침대 1개, 간이주방 (Mini)
  • 룸, 퀸사이즈침대 1개
  • 디럭스 스위트, 퀸사이즈침대 1개, 금연, 주방 (Garden with Terrace)
  • 슈피리어 스위트, 킹사이즈침대 1개 및 소파식 침대 (Castle)
  • 스위트, 퀸사이즈침대 1개, 간이주방 (Craigmyle)
  • 스위트, 킹사이즈침대 1개 (Craigdarroch)
  • 디럭스 스위트, 퀸사이즈침대 1개 및 소파식 침대, 주방 (Master Suite)

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호텔 규모

  • 이 호텔은 15개 객실 보유
  • 이 호텔은 총 4층 건물

도착/출발 정보

  • 체크인 시간 15:00 ~ 23:00
  • 체크아웃 시간: 11:00
  • 간편 체크인/체크아웃
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  • 체크인 가능한 나이는 만 18세부터입니다.

여행 동반인 관련 알아둘 사항


  • 최대 2명의 어린이(만 16 세 이하)는 부모나 보호자와 같은 객실에서 침구를 추가하지 않고 이용할 경우 무료로 숙박할 수 있습니다.


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  • 무료 인근 주차

기타 정보

  • 금연 숙박 시설
  • 시설 내 주류 제공 안 됨

이곳은 아래의 이름으로도 불립니다.

  • Craigmyle B&B
  • Craigmyle B&B Victoria
  • Craigmyle Victoria


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호텔 내 정보

식사와 음료
  • 매일 무료 유럽식 아침 식사
  • 바비큐 그릴
  • 시설 내 자전거 대여
  • 근처에서 하이킹/바이킹 트레일 가능
비즈니스 지원
  • 비즈니스 센터
  • 컴퓨터 스테이션
  • 세탁 시설
  • 다국어 구사 가능 직원
  • 빌딩/타워 수 - 1
  • 준공연도: 1913
  • 정원
  • 피크닉 공간
  • 로비 벽난로

객실 내 정보

  • 전용 욕실
  • 무료 세면용품
  • 헤어드라이어
  • 무료 WiFi
  • 무료 국제 전화

더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)의 세부 항목

이곳은 아래의 이름으로도 불립니다.

  • Craigmyle B&B
  • Craigmyle B&B Victoria
  • Craigmyle Victoria


이 숙박 시설의 정책에 따라 총각/처녀 파티를 비롯한 일부 단체 행사 또는 파티의 경우 예약이 거부된다는 점을 유념해 주시기 바랍니다.

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아주 좋음 4.3 /5 from 143 reviews

더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)
최고 좋음5.0 / 5
Homey and great location for a peaceful stay
Pros - Breakfast was super nice :) felt very home-y. Some bread, cereal and different spreads to choose from (nutella, peanut butter, cheese) - They had 2 Macs in the living room for guests to surf the internet, print out itinerary, etc - Kitchen for guests was great! - Free laundry!!!!!!!! - They had games of chess, crossword etc - Small tables in the living room for guests to sit down and chill - Few minutes away by bus from downtown Victoria where restaurants are located. If you prefer walking, it's also possible. 20-30 minutes to downtown, same time for a park around the area. The park is wonderful!! It's REALLY big so I suggest to get directions before going there. They don't have street signs in the park itself so it'll be difficult to get out of it.. haha. But it was a fun adventure. People were nice enough to let us know where to go - The castle is LITERALLY behind the B&B. We had breakfast looking at the castle :) Cons - It wasn't really an issue for us, but to others it may be so writing it down: no room service to clean your room everyday. Towels are in the laundry room and you would need to get it by yourself The B&B is in a residential area so it won't be as noisy as in the city. It's a great place to relax, bus stops in front of the hotel to get to downtown, University of Victoria (go to their student union's building and get the food there. Super good!), parks... my favorite out of the three hotels we stayed in at Canada
3박 로맨틱 여행
더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)
좋음3.0 / 5
pretty guesthouse
It's quiet pretty guesthouse and the castle is behind. The room was decorated very antique style. However the homepage pictures was nice but this place actually smaller than pics. It's a guesthouse, so there is something I should expect that....the towel isn't clean enough. I found hairs in it. There is no luggage room, so when we asked keep our suit cases, the hotel owner put it on the floor between couch and door. And they left these till we came back without any tag or person. I'm glad that all guests were honest so nobody touched it. There were bunch of stuffs i didn't satisfied...I'd rather go hotel next time
2박 가족 여행
더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)
최고 좋음5.0 / 5
It was a best experience and hotel ever for my Canadian trip! The area located was quite and our room could see the castle directly. Also we could walk to government house, just few minutes away. The breakfast was great, it includes yogurt/dairy products, fruit and varies of breads. During our stay, we could get the feeling of being in my lovely home.
1박 가족 여행
더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)
아주 좋음4.0 / 5
lovely and charming.
It's a well maintained older building with lots of charm. Great breakfast in a lovely sun-filled dining room with a great view of Craigdarroch Castle. Didn't see much of the hosts other than during breakfast but they were very helpful and attentive. Be prepared for a workout if you are on the third floor, as there are no elevators. We had a small queen room, which was barely big enough for two adults to move around in, but if you don't plan to spend much time in your room it's just fine.
3박 가족 여행
더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)
좋음3.0 / 5
Not much help for customer. we must carry heavy luggage through many stairs. it is good for certain kind of customers. very small room and bathroom but clean. neighborhood was quiet and clean.
친구와 3박 여행

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더 크레이그마일 (The Craigmyle)

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