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빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라

HI 파할라 96-3208 Maile Street

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빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라

호텔 정보 문의: 02-3483-5360

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  • 트래디셔널 빌라, 침실 여러 개, 라나이, 정원
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  • Pahala Plantation
  • Pahala Plantation Cottages
  • Pahala Plantation Cottages House
  • Pahala Plantation Cottages Hawaii


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빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라 주변 명소

근처 인기 장소

이 숙박 시설에서 추천

  • 카우 커피 밀 (걸어서 40분 거리)
  • 우드 밸리 사원 (7.5 km)
  • 푸날루우 비치 (7.7 km)
  • 휘팅턴 비치 공원 (14.9 km)
  • 하와이 화산 국립공원 (15.6 km)
  • 카 라에 (38.6 km)

교통편 정보

  • 힐로, 하와이 (ITO-힐로 국제공항)까지 차로 70분(85.9km)
  • 무료 셀프 주차

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좋음 7.6 총 92개 이용 후기

빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라
매우 좋음8.0
오래된 저택에서 특별한 하룻밤
주변이 조용하고 큰 정원을 가진 저택입니다. 아침식사는 없고 욕실 등 내부시설은 좀 낡았지만 1층 거실이 넓은 개인저택에서 특별한 경험이 되었습니다..
Hyunjoo, kr1박 가족 여행
빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라
매우 좋음8.0
A certain charm in a large old home
Pleasant informative welcome and led to surprising large home and not what we expected. Although very charming almost too big for us rattling around and hard for over to keep spotlessly clean. Very relaxed calm place with good wifi, mesh on windows so lovely to have cool breezes thru house. Bring your own food. Only downside was starting around 3:00 am was a chorus of roosters trying to outdo each other with an all night crowing all around you. Each rooster seeming to set off another.
WILLIAM, ca1박 여행
빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라
Was told I would receive a text with directions to my cabin, I never received one. When we arrived at the office there was no one there for 20 minutes except a big, mean, loudly barking dog. Place was nice, but service was “methy.”
Adam, us1박 여행
빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라
Disastrous Vacation
My husband & I reserved 23 nights, we brought lots of food, we love to hike and at night we cook good meals. No real kitchen equipment, faucets leak into the cutlery drawers down into a pail that is put there so you can empty it as needed. There are bugs of all sorts coming in through broken screens. Gecko’s help with the crawly ones, mosquitoes greet you on your return inside the rental. We had to go to Walmart and buy all kinds of kitchen utensils and a frying pan, because nothing was working. We couldn’t use the dining table because the glass top was missing, so we ate on side tables sitting on a coach. The TV remote wasn't working so we ask to have it fix. They didn't even bother. After complaining they moved us into a second place, we wasted time moving all the food we had bought and packing our suitcases. A few days later they said you have to move again, this would have been a third rental unit. We cut our Vacation by 8 days. Lost lots of money on our return home, it was a nightmare. One would expect to be treated better, calculate the amount of one night multiply that by 23.
Veronique, us23박 여행
빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라
Not what we were expecting
My husband and I are from Montana and used to Forest Service Cabins that don't offer much and are usually dirty but when I booked this place, between the reviews and the description, it sounded like a cute little cottage in the hills of Hawaii! But when we arrived (it was late and dark) we were a little taken aback! This cottage (macadamia nut cottage) was just plain old. It smelled very musty and the blankets had that same smell! The layout is really funky. You get a powder room and then a shower room both with doors that go outside! The kitchen is not really a kitchen. It is counter tops with a sink, a small dorm fridge and a really old plug in cook plate. There is a plug in light over the sink that was a little sketchy, the cord was held to the wall with a nail between the positive and negative wires. (fire waiting to happen!) Make sure that if you go to this place that you bring all toiletries (there is antibacterial hand soap in the shower if you forget) and for you ladies that do you hair you will not find a hair dryer (at least I didn't). Cell service is spotty at best (we are used to that here in MT) and the wifi was not working when we were there but Julia took us to the main house and it was working there. The main house looked way more inviting and neat and we probably would have enjoyed the stay there. The bed was on a roller frame so moved made a lot of noise at the slightest movement which kept us awake a lot, but I didn't wake up hurting! Pillows were flat!!!
Robin, us3박 여행

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빠할라 플란테이션 코티지스, 파할라

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