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센세스 퀸타 아베니다 바이 아티즌 어른 전용, 플라야 델 카르멘

QROO 플라야 델 카르멘 entre 26 y 28 Sur 5A. Avenida Norte 32402-3483-5360

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  • Cute little hotel to stay right on 5th Avenue. Street parking is difficult so I would…2018년06월05일
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센세스 퀸타 아베니다 바이 아티즌 어른 전용, 플라야 델 카르멘

호텔 정보 문의: 02-3483-5360

  • 디럭스룸, 킹사이즈침대 1개
  • 디럭스 스위트 (with Jacuzzi)
  • 주니어 스위트, 킹사이즈침대 1개 (with Jacuzzi)

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  • ARTISAN Handmade Collection
  • ARTISAN Handmade Collection Playa del Carmen
  • ARTISAN Handmade Hotel Collection
  • ARTISAN Handmade Hotel Collection Playa del Carmen
  • Senses Quinta Avenida Artisan Adults Hotel Playa del Carmen
  • Senses Quinta Avenida Artisan Adults Hotel
  • Senses Quinta Avenida Artisan Adults Playa del Carmen
  • Senses Quinta Avenida Artisan Adults


  • 수영장 이용 시간은 08:00 ~ 22:00입니다.
  • 선택 사항

    이 호텔이 제공한 모든 요금이 포함되어 있습니다. 하지만 숙박 기간이나 예약하신 객실 등에 따라 부과 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

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    • 퀸타 아베니다(걸어서 1분 거리)
    • 마드리드 마리오 빌라누에바 경기장(걸어서 3분 거리)
    • 플라야 델 카르멘 메인 비치(걸어서 4분 거리)
    • 마미타스 비치 클럽(걸어서 4분 거리)
    • 킨타 알제리아(걸어서 5분 거리)
    • 피어 나베가(걸어서 8분 거리)
    • 누에스트라 세노라 델 카르멘 성당(걸어서 11분 거리)
    • 중앙 광장(걸어서 13분 거리)

    교통편 정보

    • 칸쿤, 킨타나로오 (CUN-칸쿤 국제공항)까지 차로 52분(55.6km)
    • 코수멜, 킨타나로오 (CZM-코수멜 국제공항)까지 차로 99분(35.9km)

    최근 이용 후기

    훌륭함 8.6 총 114개 이용 후기

    센세스 퀸타 아베니다 바이 아티즌 어른 전용, 플라야 델 카르멘
    최고 좋음10.0
    Very good but didn't receive all we were promised
    I just got back from my honeymoon in Playa - we stayed two nights here and it was an awesome hotel right in the heart of the tourist area. It was clean, and much fancier than I thought it would be (double shower heads, remote controlled blinds). We had a junior suite with a jacuzzi on the deck (the deck did not have a view, overlooked another building) and it was very roomy. The room was fairly quiet for how much action was happening outside. The only complaint I had was that we were supposed to have an open bar (for domestic drinks during limited hours) included in our stay - I even emailed ahead of time to confirm. When we arrived we were given coupons for free breakfast instead (the food was edible although not good at all). When I asked what happened to the free bar we were supposed to get the woman checking us in said she'd ask her manager about it and get back to us but we never heard anything back. Since we were out exploring most of the day and not in our hotel drinking I decided to let it go but I was disappointed that they didn't deliver what they promised. Also, the rooftop pool and sauna were not open during our stay which was a disappointment.
    Katherine, us2박 여행
    센세스 퀸타 아베니다 바이 아티즌 어른 전용, 플라야 델 카르멘
    매우 좋음8.0
    Nice hotel in the 5th.
    Ricardo, mx2박 로맨틱 여행
    센세스 퀸타 아베니다 바이 아티즌 어른 전용, 플라야 델 카르멘
    매우 좋음8.0
    Modern hotel with rooftop pool in middle of it all
    Hotel & pool lovely altho roof hot tub could use a thorough scrubbing as it felt slimy. Conveniently situated on PdC's main pedestrian thoroughfare. Tastefully appointed rooms, modern bath w/ upgraded fixtures, daily replenishment of L'Occitane bath products, & great ac made cocooning a joy. Comfortable beds, great balcony for people watching, insanely noisy front facing rooms nightly til @ least 1am. In room wireless was down 1st 48 hrs of our stay. Nespresso coffee pods & 2 bottles of water provided upon arrival, & again upon asking after none was left the 2nd day, but never again over 5 remaining nights. Kindly breakfast, housekeeping, roof bar, & lobby staff. Would recommend front desk be more forthright about nature of invite to visit their more costly & upscale beach front sister property 20 minutes away. We were told we'd be provided r/t transit to the Artisan Maya w/ lunch along w/ a short tour of the hotel to get to know it in the hopes we'd want to book a future stay. OK. A $50 spa or dining credit was then offered upon our arranging the suggested free visit. Strange I thought. Perhaps naively, we didn't realize we were signing on for a 75 minute, 1 on 2 vacation club sales pitch where we'd be pressured to buy future nights @ a supposed discount, something that couldn't possibly hold any less appeal. We felt no moral problem accepting the free lunch & $50 dinner credit @ our hotel restaurant as we felt they'd hijacked an afternoon of our vacation unnecessarily.
    Steven, us7박 로맨틱 여행
    센세스 퀸타 아베니다 바이 아티즌 어른 전용, 플라야 델 카르멘
    최고 좋음10.0
    Boutique Hotel Near Nightlife
    Great little boutique hotel (only 22 rooms) in the heart of Quinta Avenida nightlife. Staff was friendly and attentive, and the local area has plenty of food, nightlife, and shops all within walking distance. There's definitely a party vibe to this area with live music in the street going late into the night. It's not ideal for a sleepy vacation, but if you like being right in the middle of the action, this is a great choice! Walking distance to the main beach, sunny rooftop pool, room service available from the adjacent hotel, good wi-fi, and some of the rooms have jacuzzi tubs.
    Lindsey, us6박 출장 여행
    센세스 퀸타 아베니다 바이 아티즌 어른 전용, 플라야 델 카르멘
    Great location but very basic room and smelt damp
    여행객, au5박 로맨틱 여행

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