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웰스, 메인, 미국 지역의 모든 호텔
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USA 인, 웰스

ME 웰스 1017 Post Rd

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  • Great location. Very affordable. Room was clean. Good place to go if you do not need…2018년10월22일
  • (1) Price was right (2) nice and quiet, no noise outside the room (3) very clean!! Hily…2018년10월21일
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USA 인, 웰스

  • 스탠다드룸
  • 스탠다드룸, 킹사이즈침대 1개
  • 디럭스 더블룸

USA 인, 웰스 주변 명소


  • 오건킷 비치(3.8km)
  • 무디 비치(4.4km)
  • 구 마시 컨트리 클럽(4.8km)
  • 풋브리지 비치(5.4km)
  • 웰스 국립 하구 연구 보존지역(5.5km)
  • 웰스 리저브 앳 라우드홀름 팜스(6km)
  • 레이첼 카슨 국립 야생동식물보호구역(6.1km)
  • 리비트 파인 아트 극장(6.1km)

교통편 정보

  • 샌포드, 메인 (SFM-샌포드 시코스트 지역공항)까지 차로 17분(15.9km)
  • 포츠머스, 뉴햄프셔 (PSM-포츠머스 국제공항)까지 차로 30분(41.9km)
  • 포트랜드, 메인 (PWM-포틀랜드 국제공항 젯포트)까지 차로 33분(48.8km)
  • Wells Regional Transportation Center까지 차로 7분(4km)
  • Saco Transportation Center까지 차로 27분(28.6km)
  • Old Orchard Beach 역까지 차로 28분(37.4km)
  • 무료 셀프 주차
  • 해변 셔틀(요금 별도)

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핵심 정보

호텔 규모

  • 50개의 객실

체크인/체크아웃 정보

  • 체크인 시간: 15:00 ~ 21:00
  • 체크아웃 시간 11:00
프런트 데스크 운영 시간은 매일 07:00 ~ 23:00입니다.

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  • 해변 셔틀(요금 별도)
  • 프런트 데스크(운영 시간 제한)
  • 드라이클리닝/세탁 서비스
  • 세탁 시설
  • 정원
사용 언어
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USA 인, 웰스의 세부 항목

이곳은 아래의 이름으로도 불립니다.

  • USa Inn Wells
  • USa Inn
  • USa Wells
  • Usa Hotel Wells
  • Usa Motel Wells
  • USA Inn Wells, Maine


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USA 인, 웰스
매우 좋음8.0
USAHotel in general was good, the bathroom was extremely small, the people in the office were very nice. Overall it was good
여행객, us1박 여행
USA 인, 웰스
Last morning
Stayed 3 nights second day even though maid service was requested came back at 2:30 and room wasn’t cleaned saw worker in hall and questioned it and they came last morning woke up after my legally blind husband took a shower I went to bathroom and bugs were all over door and on bathmat was not happy I flushed all of them after taking pictures sat on side of bed and felt something on my foot and guess what more bugs called to complain told the man in office I only wanted to take a shower before 3 hour drive back home . Was sent to room next to mine I was in room 112 a air purifier was running smelled like cat urine no soap no bathmat was totally disgusted found a bug in our cooler also before we were rushed out of room went to office after that definitely complained he said he called owner that was sapose to be there by 9:00 I was told he would be late I couldn’t wait till when ever so I took $50 as payment I had to come home and shake all my belongings I brought and to laundry mat right away then was able to shower my day was totally ruined and I had a awful drive back itching and complaining my blind husband was totally grossed out not knowing if bugs were on towels he dried off with since they were all over floors I have pictures if u would like to see them
Joy, us3박 여행
USA 인, 웰스
매우 좋음8.0
Mini Vacation
From when we checked friendly and helpful staff .. Very clean rooms would highly recommended staying here
Bob, us2박 여행
USA 인, 웰스
Strong cleaning odors
For economy lodging this would be a good choice, EXCEPT for one very major problem: the smell of the cleaning chemicals used in the room was so strong and very unpleasant. We only stayed one evening. We will not stay here again for this reason. Otherwise, the facilities are decent, it is a good value, and the location is excellent.
Ruth, us1박 여행
USA 인, 웰스
매우 좋음8.0
Stairs were getting old fast. Knees are just not the same.
Norma, us1박 여행

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USA 인, 웰스

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