아발론, 캘리포니아, 미국 지역의 모든 호텔
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시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론

CA 아발론 119 Maiden Lane02-3483-5360

아발론에 있는 실속형 호텔, 주방 이용 가능
  • 무료 WiFi
  • 숙박 적립10박을 모으면 1박이 무료*!
매우 좋음8.0
  • Amazing staff, perfect location, over all great experience. 2018년05월31일
  • Room was dirty and had bugs. We left immediately and stayed at another hotel. 2018년04월03일
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시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론

호텔 정보 문의: 02-3483-5360

  • 클래식 스튜디오 스위트, 발코니, 바다 전망
  • 클래식룸
  • 클래식룸
  • 클래식룸
  • 클래식룸
  • 클래식 스위트, 침실 1개
  • 시그너처룸
  • 시그너처 스위트, 퀸사이즈침대 2개
  • 시그너처룸
  • 시그너처룸
  • 시그너처룸
  • 시그너처 스위트, 퀸사이즈침대 1개
  • 시그너처룸

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체크인/체크아웃 정보

  • 체크인 시간: 14:00 ~ 19:00
  • 체크아웃 시간 10:00
프런트 데스크 운영 시간은 매일 07:00 ~ 22:00입니다.
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식사와 음료
  • 무료 현지식 아침 식사
  • 스파 욕조
비즈니스 지원
  • 회의실 1개
  • 프런트 데스크(운영 시간 제한)
  • 콘시어지 서비스
  • 짐 보관 서비스
  • 피크닉 공간

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준비된 편의 시설
  • 에어컨
  • 천장형 선풍기
  • 다리미/다리미판
  • 발코니 또는 파티오
욕실 편의 시설
  • 전용 욕실
  • 샤워만
  • 평면 TV
  • 케이블 TV 채널
  • 무료 WiFi
식사와 음료
  • 대용량 냉장고/냉동고
  • 전자레인지
  • 주방
기타 서비스
  • 매일 하우스키핑

시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론의 세부 항목

이곳은 아래의 이름으로도 불립니다.

  • Seaport Village Inn
  • Seaport Village Avalon
  • Seaport Village Inn Catalina Island/Avalon CA
  • Seaport Village Hotel Avalon
  • Seaport Village Catalina Island


교통편 마련을 위해 고객께서는 예약 확인에 나와 있는 연락처로 도착 전 숙박 시설에 연락해 주셔야 합니다.

필수 요금

체크인 또는 체크아웃 시 다음의 요금을 지불하시게 됩니다:

  • 리조트 요금: USD 5.0

리조트 요금에 포함된 항목:

  • 스파 욕조 이용
  • 셔틀 서비스
  • 인터넷
  • 전화
  • 팩스
  • 콘시어지/주차 대행 서비스

포함 항목은 페이지의 다른 곳에서 무료 또는 요금 별도로 표시될 수 있습니다.

선택 사항

셀프 주차 요금은 숙박 기간 내 1회, USD free

1일 기준, USD 15.0의 요금으로 간이 침대 이용 가능

이 호텔이 제공한 모든 요금이 포함되어 있습니다. 하지만 숙박 기간이나 예약하신 객실 등에 따라 부과 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론 주변 명소


  • 카탈리나 섬(걸어서 1분 거리)
  • 카탈리나 아일랜드 박물관(걸어서 2분 거리)
  • 카탈리나 아일랜드 상공 회의소 및 관광청(걸어서 5분 거리)
  • 아발론 부두(걸어서 6분 거리)
  • 카탈리나 카지노(걸어서 6분 거리)
  • 데스칸소 비치(걸어서 7분 거리)
  • 아발론 항구(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 카탈리나 아일랜드 골프 코스(걸어서 21분 거리)

교통편 정보

  • 아발론, 캘리포니아(AVX-카탈리나)까지 10.2km
  • 오렌지카운티, 캘리포니아 (SNA-존 웨인 공항)까지 57km
  • 시설 내 주차 제공 안 됨
  • 무료 공항 셔틀

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매우 좋음 8.0 총 49개 이용 후기

시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론
매우 좋음8.0
Loved the service here. Very friendly staff and felt instantly welcomed. Management was so accommodating. Our room was clean and great.
Naomi, us1박 여행
시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론
최고 좋음10.0
Best Stay in Catalina
Seaport Village Inn isn't a 5 star resort; however, it is the BEST place to stay and you will be treated far better here than any fancy place and that is what truly matters when traveling. Beautiful location, comfort, amenities. Breath taking views of the ocean and city views from your room and balcony. Raul was an outstanding host. Extremely professional, kind, courteous, always with a smile. Someone who cares about the property as if it were his own as well as Catalina itself. Of all my years in traveling; here in America and abroad, I have never been treated better. I would never stay anywhere else. People would travel a lot more if people like him managed properties. This is our first time here, celebrating our anniversary. What a wonderful trip. I absolutely loved, loved, loved our stay here. It could not have been more perfect. Raul and his staff really provided us with old fashioned service and care. Can't express how magnificent this trip was and our stay here at Seaport Village Inn. Staying here is worth every penny. Come see for yourself.
lynnette, us1박 여행
시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론
최고 좋음10.0
Love this place
It was awesome! Best is the service to and from the ferry and the dive park
Christina, us1박 여행
시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론
Great location, nice staff, icky room
The front desk was so nice and accommodating. They gave us the key to our room around 10 am, and were really nice about us leaving our bags at the front desk after check-out. But the room was *so gross*. Besides being really outdated, it just had a lot of old furniture that I didn't even want to sit on. Only the clean sheets seemed safe! This is the kind of room I might expect anywhere else for $50, but because it's Catalina, I paid MUCH more than that. Kind of disappointing. Thankfully the location was great, so we just made a point to spend as little time in the room as possible.
KRISTEN, us1박 로맨틱 여행
시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론
As the great Bette Davis said, "What a dump!"
This is a $280/night dump. Our toilet stopped up and ran over, stingy with the towels. Kitchen but skimpy silverware and one thin plastic cup in the whole place and it leaked. Gorgeous balcony view but you had to stand because the chairs on the balcony were filthy. Tried to open the shade to see the view but it was broken and wouldn't open (and was also filthy). The gentleman who checked us in and out was were very nice and helpful but a young man on the desk Saturday evening was horrible. I came in and said I had two things I needed to talk to him about. First, we needed change and he responded "We don't have change." Then he answered his cell phone. When he was done I asked him why he answered his cell phone when I wasn't done talking and he said, "It was my manager." I said, "I'm sure your manager would prefer you help a customer rather than answer your phone in the middle of a conversation (with no "excuse me")" and he said I need to learn some manners. He said "I'm 26 years old and I have manners," I said, "Well, no you don't." Then I told him about the toilet being stopped up and he hopped in a golf cart and drove away. 45 minutes later we realized he wasn't going to come and fix the toilet, so we called the main number and a very nice gentleman named Raoul came and fixed the toilet. We were only there for one night (Thank goodness), but for all this "fun" we paid a whopping $280. Would NEVER go back or recommend this place to anyone.
Sarah, us1박 로맨틱 여행

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시포트 빌리지 인 아발론, 아발론

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