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리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴

106 N Water St윌밍턴NC28401미국
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리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴

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  • 체크아웃 시간: 11:00
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  • Riverview Suites
  • Riverview Suites Condo
  • Riverview Suites Condo Wilmington
  • Riverview Suites Wilmington
  • Riverview Hotel Wilmington

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셀프 주차 요금은 1일 기준, USD 11

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  • Riverview Suites
  • Riverview Suites Condo
  • Riverview Suites Condo Wilmington
  • Riverview Suites Wilmington
  • Riverview Hotel Wilmington

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셀프 주차 요금은 1일 기준, USD 11

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아주 좋음 4.2 /5 from 274 reviews

리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴
별로1.0 / 5
Stay our of Unit 204
Our New Year's Eve was great- just wish we'd booked a different hotel. Checking in took forever. We have stayed at this place before and never had problems so I was very disappointed in this recent experience. Upon check in, there was NO mention of where we should park. We went to the room dropped our bags off and changed and left- we didn't really look around because we had reservations and checking in took so long. When we got back, we were pretty tired and hugely underwhelmed. The place was really dirty. There was a spit bottle filled with tobacco left in the kitchen cabinet. There is a pile of dust on every hanging picture, light fixture, etc.. Baseboards are filthy, even the light switch in the bathroom had dirty smudges on it. The shower curtain was moldy. The furniture overall was uncomfortable and cheap. The couch is awful to sit on. The flooring has several trip hazards. When we got in the car to check out there was a ticket on the windshield. I took it in with me to check out and was given the run around about parking and they had zero interest in any other complaints about my stay. We paid nearly $200 for this room. I expect it to be clean and not get a parking ticket because the counter person neglected to mention that I should park at the Hilton and walk across rather than park behind the building I'm staying at (we've stayed here before and never had a problem).
1박 로맨틱 여행
리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴
아주 좋음4.0 / 5
It was nice. The only issues I had were that I couldn't take a hot bath because the tub wouldn't hold water, it was broken. There were other hairs in the tub from a previous tenant. The microwave didn't work well and didn't work at all where it was located. We have to move it to a different plug in to get it to turn on each time we wanted to use it. Also, parking was not included in your room, you had to pay a separate $11 charge to park over night. I just don't think that's fair when you are paying to stay at a hotel, you should be able to park there.
1박 가족 여행
리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴
최고 좋음5.0 / 5
Great location and layout
Great location with view and walking distance in downtown.
친구와 1박 여행
리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴
별로1.0 / 5
Unfortunately the room we had was terrible. The pots and pans were all rusted or unuseable. The bathroom towels were place haphazardly, the shower curtain was not snapped correctly and hung off, the wi-fi never worked, all lamps were unplugged, the AC was so loud it sounded like an airplane taking off and it was so hot without it on. There was no soap for the dishes; so we couldn't wash anything afterward. Really disappointed because I've stayed here twice before and loved our room.
1박 가족 여행
리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴
아주 좋음4.0 / 5
GREAT LOCATION - just know how to check in!!!
We had a great time, the river walk festival was that weekend. Excellent location, in the heart of the historic district. The property is older, but we had a very nice room. Just know- because NONE of the descriptions tell you, you HAVE TO CHECK IN AND OUT AT THE HILTON ACROSS THE STREET! We read about this thru another review, but we were running late and called to make sure they knew we were still coming. No one will answer the phone for the Riverview Suites #, and when we called the Hilton, I think we got a Hilton hotline- they could not find our reservation. Online chatted with Hotels.com, it took her awhile, but she confirmed our reservations, and ASSURED us, someone would be at the Riverview to check us in. These are condos, THERE IS NO FRONT DESK TO CHECK ANYONE IN!!! So after the check in confusion, we got to our room, and had a wonderful time, nice room, would go back, we now know how to check in!
2박 로맨틱 여행

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리버뷰 스위트, 윌밍턴

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