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라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)

10150 Interstate 20이스트랜드TX76448미국
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아주 좋음4.4 / 5
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라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)

  • Standard two queens
  • 이그제큐티브룸, 킹사이즈침대 1개, 냉장고 및 전자레인지
  • King/recliner/microwave/fridge

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핵심 정보

호텔 규모

  • 이 호텔은 65개 객실 보유
  • 이 호텔은 총 3층 건물

체크인/체크아웃 정보

  • 체크인 시작 시간: 15:00
  • 체크아웃 시간: 정오
  • 간편 체크인/체크아웃

체크인 시 준비할 항목

  • 신용카드 또는 현금 보증금 필요

  • 사진이 부착된 정부 발행 신분증 필요

여행 동반인 관련 알아둘 사항


  • 만 18 세 이하 어린이는 부모나 보호자와 같은 객실에서 침구를 추가하지 않고 이용할 경우 무료로 숙박할 수 있습니다.


  • 애완동물 동반 무료


  • 공용 구역에서 무료 Wi-Fi 제공

  • 객실 내 무료 Wi-Fi 제공



  • 무료 셀프 주차

기타 정보

  • 금연 숙박 시설

호텔 내 정보

식사와 음료
  • 무료 유럽식 아침 식사
  • 커피/차(공용 구역)
  • 실내 수영장
  • 피트니스 시설
  • 시설 내 개인 모터 선박
  • 근처에서 골프 가능
  • 근처에서 수상 스키 가능
비즈니스 지원
  • 비즈니스 센터
  • 회의 공간
  • 회의실 1개
  • 24시간 운영 프런트 데스크
  • 엘리베이터
  • 로비 벽난로
  • 공용 구역의 TV

객실 내 정보

준비된 편의 시설
  • 객실 내 온도 조절기(냉방)
  • 에어컨
  • 커피/티 메이커
  • 다리미/다리미판
편안한 잠자리
  • 암막 커튼
  • 고급 침구
욕실 편의 시설
  • 전용 욕실
  • 샤워기가 있는 욕조
  • 무료 세면용품
  • 헤어드라이어
  • 32인치 평면 TV
  • 프리미엄 TV 채널
  • 책상
  • 무료 WiFi
  • 무료 시내 통화
식사와 음료
  • 냉장고
  • 전자레인지
기타 서비스
  • 매일 하우스키핑

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아주 좋음 4.4 /5 from 71 reviews

라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)
보통2.0 / 5
Just another place to stay.
1박 로맨틱 여행
라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)
최고 좋음5.0 / 5
Nicest La Quinta
This was the nicest La Quinta we've ever stayed at, and one of the nicer national chains hotels we've experienced. Very nicely appointed, room was clean and comfortable. The hotel was not at all crowded and was very quiet. It had plenty of parking (we had a moving truck and car in tow), and was easy off and back on I20 West. The breakfast was pretty standard but hit all of the right notes. Staff was friendly and professional. We stayed at a different La Quinta the next night (we were traveling with cats) and it was a let down after the Eastland experience.
1박 로맨틱 여행
라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)
별로1.0 / 5
East land yuk
Very rude staff all the way from front desk Misty to kitchen worker. Took my small dogs outside to potty and saw dog feces everywhere, told Misty about it and she took offense. La Quinta is known for being pet friendly so if you can't insure the dog owners pick it up then have maintenance do it or maybe provide small plastic bag stands. Don't know how this property got such a high rating.
1박 여행
라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)
아주 좋음4.0 / 5
Wedding trip
Nice ,employees helpful.
1박 가족 여행
라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)
최고 좋음5.0 / 5
Clean, convienant, & comfortable!
My husband and I had no issues at all with the hotel, the cleanliness, ot the breakfast of the hotel. Above all the stay was great. we attempted to check in early on arrival date due to us driving 18 hours straight and wanting a shower, but the hotel was unable to accommodate since check out is as noon (later than most hotels) and we arrived at 11:30 so we understood and came back at 2:30 and were successful at that time. The person in the next room snored really loudly every night we were there (again not the hotels fault). We placed a do not disturb sign on our door the first night since we slept in from the 18 hour drive a bit and relaxed. We left at 3 and I called up to the front desk and asked for thwm to replace the trash bags since they were full and just drop off some towels, and I was told that the cleaning staff had already left for the day. The front desk associate was kind enough to come grab the trash and give us some fresh towels though. We did use the washer and dryer availible for guests while we were there, 1.50 to wash and 1 to dry. The front desk had a box of soap and softener for sale for a buck each. that was really convienant. The waffles were the shape of Texas, my husband and I got a laugh out of that. Breakfast was the traditional powdered eggs, sausage patties, hashbrowns, oatmeal bread selections with a toaster, yogurt, fruit, and make your own waffles. with milk, juice and coffee. Overall it was a great stay, We will be coming back when we visit!
2박 가족 여행

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라킨타 인 앤드 스위트 이스트랜드 (La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland)

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