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  • 무료 WiFi

사진 갤러리

  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 10) - 객실
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 10) - 객실
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 8) - 객실 내 다이닝
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 8) - 객실 내 다이닝
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 10) - 객실
스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 10) - 객실. 총 71장 중 1번째 사진.
1 / 71스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 10) - 객실
22-24 Scarborough Street, 하틀풀, TS24 7DA, 잉글랜드, 영국
  • Good service from backroom staff Place is a little tired but did the job.

    2020년 10월 5일

  • every thing was fine for the price we paid,just the shower very low pressure

    2019년 7월 20일

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  • 무료 WiFi
  • 간이 주방
  • 금연

숙박 시설 특징

주요 편의 시설

  • 7개의 금연 아파트
  • 셀프 서비스 세탁 시설
  • 무료 WiFi

주변 명소

  • 하틀풀 박물관(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 하틀풀 해양 체험관(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 빅토리아 공원(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 원숭이 동상(걸어서 13분 거리)
  • 워드 잭슨 공원(걸어서 29분 거리)
  • Summerhill Country Park(걸어서 36분 거리)

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2명 숙박을 위한 날짜 입력

  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 2)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 3)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 7)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 8)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 9)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 10)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 11)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 4)
  • 스탠다드 아파트, 더블침대 1개 (Studio 5)


22-24 Scarborough Street, 하틀풀, TS24 7DA, 잉글랜드, 영국
  • 하틀풀 박물관(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 하틀풀 해양 체험관(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 빅토리아 공원(걸어서 10분 거리)

주변 명소


  • 하틀풀 박물관(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 하틀풀 해양 체험관(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 빅토리아 공원(걸어서 10분 거리)
  • 원숭이 동상(걸어서 13분 거리)
  • 워드 잭슨 공원(걸어서 29분 거리)
  • Summerhill Country Park(걸어서 36분 거리)
  • 섬머힐 방문객 센터(걸어서 36분 거리)
  • 시턴 카루 비치(걸어서 38분 거리)
  • North Sands(걸어서 41분 거리)
  • Fish Sands(4.1km)
  • 위프 배터리 박물관(4.5km)


  • 더럼 (MME-티사이드 국제공항)까지 차로 26분(34.4km)
  • Hartlepool 역까지 걸어서 4분(0.3km)
  • Seaton Carew 역까지 차로 5분(3.9km)
  • Billingham 역까지 차로 12분(12.7km)

한눈에 살펴보기


  • 7개의 아파트


  • 체크인 시간: 15:00 ~ 자정
  • 체크아웃 시간: 11:00

여행 관련 제한 사항

  • 코로나19 알림: 여행 전 코로나19 검사 필요 및 도착 시 격리 조치 등을 포함한 여행 요건이 빠르게 변하고 있습니다.

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체크인 시 필요한 사항

  • 부대 비용에 대비해 신용카드 필요
  • 사진이 부착된 정부 발행 신분증이 필요할 수 있음
  • 체크인 가능한 나이: 만 18세부터


  • 어린이(만 2 세 이하) 이용 불가
  • 유아용 침대 없음


  • 반려동물 동반 불가


  • 공용 구역에서 무료 WiFi 제공
  • 객실 내 무료 WiFi


  • 시설 내 주차 공간 없음

기타 정보

  • 금연 숙박 시설
  • 시설 내 주류 허용 안 됨
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가능한 언어: 영어

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  • 세탁 시설

사용 언어

  • 영어

아파트 내 정보

준비된 편의 시설

  • 다리미/다리미판(요청 시)

욕실 편의 시설

  • 전용 욕실
  • 샤워만 가능
  • 무료 세면용품


  • 평면 TV


  • 책상
  • 무료 WiFi


  • 냉장고
  • 전자레인지
  • 간이 주방
  • 스토브
  • 조리 도구, 접시, 주방 기구

세부 항목

이곳의 다른 이름

  • 하틀풀 스튜디오스 아파트
  • 하틀풀 스튜디오스 하틀풀
  • 하틀풀 스튜디오스 아파트 하틀풀
  • Hartlepool Studios Apartment
  • Hartlepool Studios Hartlepool
  • Hartlepool Studios Apartment Hartlepool


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  • 죄송하지만 하틀풀 스튜디오스에는 주차장이 없습니다.
  • 죄송하지만 반려동물을 동반하실 수 없습니다.
  • 체크인 가능 시간은 15:00 ~ 자정입니다. 체크아웃 시간은 11:00입니다.
  • 예. 인근 레스토랑으로는 Mumbai Majestic Indian Dining(도보 5분), Saffron Express(도보 8분), Masala Lounge Hartlepool(도보 9분) 등이 있습니다.
  • 8.0.매우 좋음

    Very clean and it was ideal having a fridge microwave and mini hob.

    7박 여행, 2019년 6월 24일

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  • 2.0.별로

    Awful experience--

    On returning to the studios due to good travel links and been close to church St we have had an awful experience from feeling unsafe, it been unclean and to feel let down by management. First of all we had really loud neighbours (swearing stomping shouting till 4 in morning which was intimidating) banging on our door, to the loud washing machine running all night. As well as this we went out for a walk to a drunk man slouched on steps to the studios screaming at us to go away who stayed on steps and refused to let us back in for 30 mins. As well as this the hygiene was disgusting.. Smell of extreme damp, littered outside near bins, dirty toilet seat, empty stained toilet roll and walls, unclean cutlery and bowls and dirty bedding. We also had issue with heating (freezing cold) where we rang management which took 1 hr to reply to have to find heaters which one smoked so another 45 min waiting for management to then be directed to find the other heater but this had cut chords so we left it and it got colder..We also mentioned hygiene where we got told to take photos and send via email but no reply (weeks later) not even an apology. Shocked since we regular users of this studio. We aren't fussy and used to let issues slide but will not be returning as the quality has dropped and is now quite frankly disgusting. Horrible horrible experience.

    1박 로맨틱 여행, 2019년 6월 22일

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  • 4.0.보통

    positives & negatives

    I'm not a fan of leaving negative reviews so get the negatives out the way , room was freezing all night, switch to put heaters on, but no heaters of any type anywhere in room ? bedsheets had 2 slightly yellow stains on. we were in 'basement rooms' you could clearly hear people walking past in heels etc or clear conversations when they stood outside talking and every car going past. I barely slept at all. wifi didn't work but that wasn't an issue for us. Positives - the room was very cheap, good facilities in the room ( but didn't use any of them ) fairly clean otherwise, the communications were excellent with suppliers of room, it was centrally located just off church street which has bars/ food places but is going through a regeneration process. I personally wouldn't stay again but for someone on an very tight budget it would be ok for a night , just take extra blankets and clean sheet, there is also secure locked car park for £4.50 as the local area doesn't appear to be great.

    1박 로맨틱 여행, 2019년 6월 8일

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  • 6.0.좋음

    Central location. On street car parking. Struggle to open/enter door security code at night. Okay for the price.

    1박 가족 여행, 2019년 3월 31일

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  • 6.0.좋음

    The studio had a big bay window through which the sunshine flooded in in the morning. It was as shown in the photograph. Clean sheets and towels were provided. Parking was available right outside after 6 pm and before 8 am and I had no problem with that. There was adequate cutlery and crockery for two people. I thought it was good value for money. However the bathroom waste bin was rather rusty, I found the towels a little small, and the wok and two saucepans were rusty and unsafe to use. I had some and some difficulty gaining entry using the keypad, because the text message with the codes did not come from Expedia and I overlooked it on my phone. It arrived three days before I did so was down my list of texts. The Wi-Fi code was wrong in the guest information and the network did not match the password so I had difficulty getting online. Fortunately a resident loaned me his Wi-Fi details. At night it is difficult to see the keypad which is in a dark corner to gain entry to the room. I personally had no problem with noise, but earplugs were provided so on occasion it is possible that noise may a be a problem.

    4박 가족 여행, 2019년 3월 26일

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  • 10.0.최고 좋음

    Second time of staying here will most definitely be back love the rooms love the area and the price is fantastic

    1박 로맨틱 여행, 2019년 3월 19일

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  • 6.0.좋음

    I am really disappointed to the studio. There is no light in studio 11 and the bath room is not working is studio 4, it make us very inconvenience.

    친구와 1박 여행, 2018년 11월 17일

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  • 10.0.최고 좋음

    Pleasantly surprising stay!

    Room was very clean and had everything needed to make the stay enjoyable! Had a slight problem because the studio we were in wasn’t signed to (7). Free parking available right outside from 6pm, which is helpful. Didn’t hear other guests For £40 a night on a saturday it is amazing value for money and we would be staying again if we were ever in hartlepool!

    Ellie, 1박 로맨틱 여행, 2018년 10월 20일

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  • 10.0.최고 좋음

    Clean and comfortable room

    Very comfortable and clean room. Well kept and in good condition. Staff were very helpful with helping me to gain access and connect to the internet. I was able to work in the room comfortably. A bit of noise from a local pub at the night time but nothing too late. Parking was a little bit of a pain but I worked it out between the roads that were for business use only and then chargeable during the day. Very local to a couple of retail parks which was handy for shopping and eating.

    Jacqueline, 2박 가족 여행, 2018년 9월 24일

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  • 8.0.매우 좋음

    Economy room, good standard

    Central location, cheap and clean. What more do you want for the cost?

    Christopher, 1박 로맨틱 여행, 2018년 8월 26일

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